Normal Ain't Normal

The Story

Co-produced by Rosario Dawson, Normal Ain’t Normal is a scripted series exploring the struggles, absurdities, and surprising possibilities of working-class people as we slowly (hopefully!) come out of the pandemic. Featuring D’Pharaoh Woon-A-Tai, Martin Sensmeier, Reem Assil, Tristan Cunningham, and Sal Lopez, the show is a bold and irreverent challenging of what is “normal” – and what should be normal – in a healthy society.

The show will launch with the world premiere on September 17 at the Oakland Museum (buy tickets here!), followed by the digital launch on Buzzfeed on September 27. Normal Ain’t Normal was directed by Yvan Iturriaga and co-written by Tommy Orange, Reyna Amaya, Josh Healey, Reem Assil, and Iturriaga. We are proud to join with our grassroots partners the National Nurses United, NDN Collective, Sogorea Te’ Land Trust, National Day Laborers Organizing Network, and One Fair Wage to amplify their campaigns and reimagine a new way forward for all.