Friday Night Semites

The Story

Cohosted by award-winning Palestinian-American comedian Sammy Obeid and Jewish-American writer/filmmaker Josh Healey, Friday Night Semites is a video podcast that combines insightful opinions and comedy to break down some of the toughest issues in the Middle East and the U.S.

Guests include rabble-rousing comedian Amanda Seales, Palestinian-American activist Linda Sarsour, Arab Jewish artist and mystic Hadar Cohen, and U.S. army veteran turned anti-imperialist Greg Stoker. With Obeid and Healey at the helm, they dive into Islamophobia and antisemitism, “From the River to the Sea” controversies and the college protests fallout, and the most important question of all – what the hell is a “semite” in the first place?

Friday Night Semites may not stop this brutal war in four episodes or less (sorry, no spoilers), but we hope this can help shift the culture towards greater understanding, solidarity, and a permanent ceasefire and justice for all.